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Whole Milk

Whole milk is a dairy product that is made from cow's milk and is not processed to remove any of its natural fat content. It contains around 3.25% fat, which gives it a creamy texture and rich taste.

Whole milk is a good source of calcium, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients. It can be used in a variety of culinary applications, such as in baking, cooking, and as a base for smoothies and milkshakes. Whole milk is also commonly consumed on its own or added to coffee, tea, and other beverages.

The Cook's Difference

Cook’s Farm Dairy is the only working dairy farm in Oakland County, making us the most local choice for all of your family’s dairy needs. We grow the crops for the cows' feed, milk the cows, and make the finest dairy onsite. Unlike other dairy farms we sell directly to the consumer and you can certainly taste the difference buying fresh and local products make! Our cows receive only the best care, feed, and pasture and are always hormone and antibiotic-free. Produced with the highest quality standards, our milk goes from our family farm to you on a daily basis.